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Apr 28, 2019
In Clinic
Is there an official schematic diagram for the Nyboard? Just curious, I think I can piece it together from the images at but it's time consuming (and error prone) flipping between the images and trying to make sure I've traced the correct line... The long version -- I released the magic blue smoke from my first board (i.e. plugged in the power backwards) and I'm curious about trying to trace it out and see what specifically is blown and try replacing the components... U2 is visibly damaged, but not sure about the others. The atmel chip does start and produces serial output, so that's promising. I had a second board that was going to be used with a Pi once I figured out a good way to deal with the additional power requirements, so it's not a huge deal, and I went ahead and ordered another cat and board, so... I'm going to forge on ahead bravely! But a full schematic might be helpful when I see if I can repair my first board as well. Thanks! -- Aaron
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