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Chris Jerome
Feb 15, 2020
In Clinic
Hi, I have built my cat and it is working without a Raspberry Pi. Now I want to add my RPi4. I followed the instructions in the hardware forum (How to set up Raspberry Pi for programming Nybble). I have connected up the Pi, flipped the I2C switch (SW2) to Pi, and turned everything on. I connect to the Pi using VNC Viewer and run the Arduino IDE. In the serial monitor I see the following scrolling repeatedly: Initialize DMP Checking hardware revision... Revision @ user[16][6] = 0 Resetting memory bank selection to 0... 1567 -24 1 33 DMP failed (code 1) Can anyone tell me how to fix this? Of course I am using a RPi4 so that might be causing a problem. Also, the IDE version is 1.8.12, not 1.8.8 as mentioned in the hardware post. My general question is, once I have the Pi properly connected, will the IR remote still work or can I only control the cat through the RPi? My goal is to write python code to tell the cat what to do, but it will take me a while to get there, I suspect. Thanks! Chris Great project by the way, and I am happy it comes from a Wake grad! I worked at Wake Forest on and off for 17 years.

Chris Jerome

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