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Wayne Fordyce
Mar 01, 2021
In Basic Assembly and Setup
I have built Bittle and am trying test it and get the software running. Bittle does not sit nor stand. Stays very close to calibration position. Installed Arduino IDE 1.8.13 on Ubuntu. Initial install on this host. Installed Libraries: Adafruit PWM Servo Driver V 2.4.0 IRremote V 2.6.1 QList V 0.6.7 AdaFruit NeoPixel V 1.7.0 Commented out the unused decoders in IRremote.h by setting values to 0. Went to Downloaded ZIP file and unzipped it in ~/Downloads. Used 'Add .ZIP Library' to find Arduino/MPU6050/ and Arduino/I2Cdev/ and added them. Download a fresh OpenCat repository from GitHub (Sunday, Feb 21, 2021 11 PM PST) Verified the following in OpenCat.h · #define NyBoard_V1_0 No socks on Bittle Turn Bittle battery on (Battery is fully charged) Connect Bittle to Ubuntu via USB. Run Arduino. In Arduino, Tools Menu: Board: "Arduino Uno" Port: “/dev/ttyUSB0" Programmer: "Arduino as ISP" Sketches Tested testInfraredRemote - Works testBuzzer - Works testSevenRgbLED - Works Executed WriteInstinct.ino Calibrated all servos and saved the values to EEPROM. “c” makes the robot stand on elbows and knees. “kbalance” does NOT make it stand on feet. Instead, the 4 yellow arms and legs rotate forward about 15 degrees. Executed OpenCat.ino * Start * Initialize I2C Connect MPU6050 Test connection MPU successful Initialize DMP 1098 121 3 -8 Enable DMP Enable interrupt DMP ready! "ksit" does NOT make it sit. The new position is very similar to calibrate position. Using the remote results in only twitching and little in the way of position changes. The behavior is very similar to that shown by Austin in this video. Please advise as I can't figure out what I missed. Thanks in advance.
Problem with Bittle - Does not sit or stand. content media
Wayne Fordyce
Feb 13, 2021
In Basic Assembly and Setup
I am very pleased to have received this kit. The design and workmanship is superb, as is the packaging. I am following the assembly instructions here: I have successfully assembled the legs right up to the time of 5:40 in the video where I am instructed to install a spring to each joint on the legs. I hold the yellow/black limb with the yellow side up and try to insert a spring. I have tried over 10 times. I have tried inserting the spring on the black end, too. I have tried different pieces. There just is not enough space to get the compressed spring to fit. It's as if my springs have one too many coils. The ID of my springs is 5.55 mm and the OD is 6.94 mm. The overall free length is 12.15 mm. My springs are made of wire with a diameter of 0.79 mm and have 7 coils. When compressed fully, this gives a length of 5.53 mm. The opening from the top of the button to the bottom of the white gizmo is 3.44 mm; if I add the distance from the bottom of the white gizmo to the top of the shoulder to the top of the button is measure 5.06 mm. In the video it looks like the springs have 7 coils; so I don't know what's changed to create my issue. Can someone recommend how I can make these springs fit or how I can obtain springs that do fit. Thanks in advance.

Wayne Fordyce

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